The Don Lucas 20th Anniversary is the smoke to show you how we started with our Classic blend and twenty years after is the cigar that delights our customers with its complexity. Is also a go through H.S. the second blend we did several years ago for some private and exclusive customers we had and the requested a few steps up the classic and we came out with it and they were just amazed!



H.S. (House Series) after keeping it just for a few customers, we decided to show it to all our loyal customers. Then we had the idea to make a truly and full Dominican Cigar (PURO). We came out with the first variation of A.L. Series, the "M" ( Medium ) in only one size (50x5 1/2). We felt we had to keep our way to conquer a different market so, two years later, we produce the second variation of the A.L. Series. We first make four sizes but now you can find, in  the A.L. Series, seven diferents sizes. 



Twenty years is not a long time, but twenty years is what we are celebrating with this Anniversary cigar, a go through the mildness of our Classic blend, make you feel the smoothness of our H.S. Series and give you the intensity of our two variation of our A.L. Series. Show you we are grown enough to keep you satisfy to give you a reason why the first time you had Don Lucas you were amazed with a cigar that was unknown for you and changed the way you feel when you have one of our small batch production. This is a limited production, created for a year, this is a production that will delight you from year to year, this is a production to keep you walking along with us every year, this is a production to give our best effort growing and selecting each year the tobaccos’ we will use, This is a production to show time and make you remember this is a hobby not a habit…


Filler: Dominican


Binder: Dominican


Wrapper: Dominican

20th Anniversary


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